Frequently Asked Questions

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1) It's sound like a scam, how do I know it's not one?

It might sound like it, but it's not, read the how it works page, and you will understand why it's free. You can also watch the proof of BBC or visit eXceem.

2) How much will it cost me to complete an offer?

It's free if you sign up for a free trial,for exemple the Lovefilm offer, but there is also some cheap offers like Coral Bingo, which is £5 only.The £5 it's a deposit for playing, you don't have to put more than that, when you play it, you might win (more), who knows?

3) Do I have to give my personal details?

Yes, if you want to receive the free item, you have to give your real name and address.

4) Can I sign up for more than one offer?

You are not allowed to sign up for more than one account. Your IP address is linked with your account, by consequence only one offer by household.

5) Can I use a public place computer (i.e. Internet Café)?

No, you can't use for the same reason as above, other people could have signed up from the same IP address, so you account will be on hold or your referral tracking will be impossible.

6) Will I get spam from any of the site?

No,you will not get any spam, the giveaway website and the other offers website are well known and reputable companies.

7) What companies are available for the offers?

There is a wide range of selections, these include:

and many more...

8) What is a referral link and where do I get mine?

The referral link is the tracking URL which allows the giveaway website to know who and how many people you've referred. Your referral link is unique and you'll find it on the "Refer friends" page.

9) How do I know if my friends have signed up for an offer?

Simply log into your account and click on "Account Status", you will know how many people signed up and who have completed an offer.

10) What happen once I have the required number of referrals?

Once you have the required number of referrals, you claim your item, and it will be shipped as soon as the verification is done.

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