Three easy steps to get your free iPod

It's easier than you think to get your free iPod Touch.

Free ipod touch? It costs 260 on Amazon, why someone would give it for free?
It's free because you don't pay anything, but the referral website pay for it and give it to you for free. How?

When you register to one of the referral website, ipodsgiveaway for example, and you sign up for one offer, i.e. Lovefilm, the latter pays ipodsgiveaway because they brought you to them. Ipodsgiveaway takes that money and uses part of it for your iPod, and keep the other part for themself.

What are the 3 steps?

First of all, you need to sign up here. Enter your email address and follow the simple instructions to sign up. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

Once you have created you account with ipodsgiveaway, you have to complete ONE of the offer. There are free trials and cheap offers. If you sign up for a free trial you don't have to pay anything. Here is 3 of the best offers that you can sign up for: Signup for the free dvd rental trial (I've signed up for this one, and paid nothing )
kingjackpot: Deposit 10 and play some Bingo
Easycinema: Another free dvd rental trial

This is the last step and probably the most important one. You have to refer as many as friends requested by ipodsgiveaway. If you want a free 16gb iPod touch, you only need to refer 12 of your friends to complete an offer. For that, give your referral link to those friends and tell them to follow the 3 steps that you did.

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