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Looking for a free iPod?

Well you are on the right place, take your time to read this and you will be amazed to see how easy it is.

I don't sell anything and I'm not giving any free iPod away. I'm like you, looking to get stuff for free. There are plenty of websites out there, giving free sample of cream and shampoo and other cheap gadgets. When I found out that I can get a free iPod touch for free, which cost £269 for 16GB model, my first reaction was to think that was a scam. When I heard that one of my friend got one for free from internet, I start to do some research and found that thousands of people got iPods for free. BBC newsnight and other reporters from USA and Europe have investigated and confirmed that is 100% genuine and it works.

Here some videos and news article that show how it works and why it works.

Unless you're extremely gullible, the promise of getting a free iPod looks extremely dubious. But surprisingly, the site appears to be legitimate. The program almost certainly isn't a dodgy pyramid scheme; it's a new form of online marketing supported by companies like eBay, AOL and Columbia House.
"They never once asked for a credit card number and I didn't have to pay shipping," he said. "I just told them where to send it.... All in all, a very painless process".

How it works and who gives it away?

Companies like LOVEFILM, BLOCKBUSTER and other advertise on TV, radio, newspaper and internet. They spend millions of pounds to advertise with no guarantee to attract new customers. This is a new kind of marketing and its called Referral Marketing. These companies pay them a certain amount of money to the people (referral websites) who bring new potential customers. In return the referral website put a part of this money toward your selected gift and iPod for example. Once you have referred the required number of people (your friends for example), the referral website will send you your selected gift.

In order to get your free gift you are asked to sign up to an offer, usually free trial, and with no obligation. You become a “potential customer”, you ultimately decide to become or not. The company, LOVEFILM for instance, gives the referral website a certain amount of money.

The referral website put a part of this money in your account and gives you a unique personal link. This link is very important. You will refer some of your friends through this link, so the referral website knows that you have referred those people and put a certain amount of money into your account for every referral who sign up for an offer (not necessarily from the same company).

Once you have enough referral, 9 for an iPod touch 8GB for instance (the number of referral is given when you choose your gift), the referral website will send you selected gift free of charge.

How Do I Get One?

10 Referrals 8 Referrals 14 Referrals Only 2 Referrals
iPod Touch
iPod Classic
iPhone [8GB]
iPod Shuffle

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